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Can Exercise Help Knee Pain?

It doesn’t matter whether you are an experienced athlete, just starting a new exercise routine, or fall somewhere in the middle; knee issues can be limiting, painful and frustrating. You may think it’s best to rest your knees and take it easy, as exercise will only increase the pain. However, the opposite is actually true. Not moving your knees can actually make things worse, causing your knees to stiffen and thus worsening the pain. Knee pain, whether it is due to arthritis, an injury, overuse, or inflammation, can be soothed and even improved by simple stretches and exercise.

Top 10 Causes of Chronic Inflammation and What to do About it

Inflammation is a hot topic right now as many of us have chronic inflammatory issues in the body that cause physical pain, limited range of motion, fatigue and more. None of us want to feel like our bodies are failing us or that we can't participate the activities that once came so easily to us. But sometimes this is exactly what happens as we age and much of the time chronic inflammation is the reason we feel this way. Read on to learn more about chronic inflammation and what you can do to rid your body of it and feel your best at any age.