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2 weeks of unlimited classes, come really get a feel for the gym. Try out different classes different hours and different coach's!

2 Week Special

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Teams of 5 people or less get to do a 5 mile walk/jog to 4 breweries or tap houses in Victor Idaho. Start at Wright Training, and end with a BBQ to kick off the summer season. $35 per team includes all your teams beverages.

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Group Class fitness training at Wright Training

Group Classes

Group fitness classes push you to your limits and challenge your endurance. From general fitness to sport-specific classes, you'll see gains in no time.

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Personal Training

Personalized training allows you to focus on your fitness goals, whether you want to heal from an injury or train for an event.

Small Group Training

Have a group of friends or family members with similar fitness goals? Get personalized training based on your needs and fitness ability.

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Open Gym

Work out hassle-free! Train independently with Wright Training's gym equipment.

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On Demand

Get your workout on your terms with our on-demend fitness classes and sweat it out where and when it suits you.

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Remote Training

No gym? No problem! We'll design a personalized workout program for you while traveling or unable to attend classes.

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Injuries can be setbacks, but we'll help you surpass them. Get back to feeling your best or even better with our dedicated support.

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Workout of the Week

Why Ski Fit | Crystal Wright

This year will be my 18th year teaching some type of ski/snowboard fitness class. The fitness industry is constantly changing and so is ski/snowboard fit. I feel this class/course is crucial to injury prevention, strength and performance in relation to any winter sports. The goal with this class is to work on basic movement mechanics in relation to skiing and snowboarding. People in our mountain towns are very quad dominant and have very little posterior chain activation. This is what causes knee, hip and back pain. Imagine if we were all able to use our butts, hamstrings and core to ski! Doing anything outdoors with those muscles we would be that much stronger of an athlete. Ski/snow fitness is repetitive as the goal is to build that eccentric strength of going downhill or uphill. 

We have the lighter version to protect the knees until you can build mechanics to do more impact. The agility work we do is good for EVERYONE!! No sport in the mountains is done on a flat surface. So we need to train reaction time, proprioception and lightness! Please if you are participating in this seasons ski fitness speak up if you have injuries! We can help you!! Everything is individualized to you and what you can do! And if you don’t feel like doing a class we can do a personalized program to accommodate you! And work toward your personal goals! 

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WOW w/ Brett Messmer | Olympic Complex

The Olympic Complex.

The Olympic Complex is a hang clean progression which includes: RDL's (Romanian deadlift), power shrugs, highpulls, and hang clean.

You perform three (3) of each in order. The RDL's fire your hamstrings to get them ready for the clean. The power shrugs get your body ready to produce short bursts of power from your legs. The Highpulls prepare you for pulling weight with your arms but also teach you to make the weight move from the power in your legs more. The Hang Clean is the final product, putting it all together to form a powerful, safe, and efficient Hang Clean!

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WOW W/ Coach Crystal Wright | Work Capacity HIIT

This workout is a great example of a work capacity hit. A lot of our athletes think that they should not be doing cardio if they are skiing a lot etc... They think we don’t usually work at this high of intensity on our skis, bikes, running etc.. We usually just go slow and steady.

With that said good aerobic hits to the system are important to optimizing your fitness level. This workout can also be done with limited equipment or you just want a good quick hit. The 30 second intervals encompass strength and core together, this is important to train in relation to performance outside. This helps get everything firing on all cylinders. Why not use your core to ski? Also we are working on quick recovery. We then end with a countdown to work on stamina and core/glute strength. This is meant to be more of a grind. Constant movement. This ends with some core durability, your body should feel pretty balanced after this workout!

4 rounds

10x walk lunges

10x goblet squat

10x up with twist

5 rounds

30 sec dumbell drag "set shoulders"

30 sec swings

30 sec good morning

30 sec burpees

30 sec rest

20 15 10 5

jingle jangles

high knees

band walk


russian twist

3 rounds

10x plank touch

10x knees to chest

10x situps

10x back ext

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