Why Ski Fit | Crystal Wright

This year will be my 18th year teaching some type of ski/snowboard fitness class. The fitness industry is constantly changing and so is ski/snowboard fit. I feel this class/course is crucial to injury prevention, strength and performance in relation to any winter sports. The goal with this class is to work on basic movement mechanics in relation to skiing and snowboarding. People in our mountain towns are very quad dominant and have very little posterior chain activation. This is what causes knee, hip and back pain. Imagine if we were all able to use our butts, hamstrings and core to ski! Doing anything outdoors with those muscles we would be that much stronger of an athlete. Ski/snow fitness is repetitive as the goal is to build that eccentric strength of going downhill or uphill. 

We have the lighter version to protect the knees until you can build mechanics to do more impact. The agility work we do is good for EVERYONE!! No sport in the mountains is done on a flat surface. So we need to train reaction time, proprioception and lightness! Please if you are participating in this seasons ski fitness speak up if you have injuries! We can help you!! Everything is individualized to you and what you can do! And if you don’t feel like doing a class we can do a personalized program to accommodate you! And work toward your personal goals! 

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