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Beerlay Fun

Teams of 5 people or less get to do a 5 mile walk/jog to 4 breweries or tap houses in Victor Idaho. Start at Wright Training, and end with a BBQ to kick off the summer season. $35 per team includes all your teams beverages.

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Looking for a gift for someone who loves fitness? A giftcard to Wright Training it's perfect for people looking to reach specific fitness goals - Just in time for New Year's Resolutions.

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Wright Training Services

Group Class fitness training at Wright Training

Group Classes

Our group fitness classes push you to your limits and challenge your endurance. From general fitness to sport-specific classes, you'll see gains in no time.

Crystal Wright coaching a private training client at Wright Training.

Personal Training

Personalized training allows you to focus on your fitness goals, whether you want to heal from an injury or train for an event.

Small Group Training

Have a group of friends or family members with similar fitness goals? Get personalized training based on your needs and fitness ability.

An athlete using a weighted plate at open gym at Wright Training.

Open Gym

Want to workout without having to deal with the hustle and bustle of a busy gym? Train independently using the gym equipment at Wright Training.

An athlete doing downward dog in a remote fitness program scheduled with Wright Training.

Remote Training

Injured? Traveling? Can’t make it to the gym? We will design a workout program specifically for you when you are on the road or unable to make a class!

A woman doing Pilates at Wright Training


Being injured can feel like a closed door, we strive to help you open new ones. No matter the injury, we will get you back feeling your best, or better than you ever have!

Upcoming Workshops

Teen Fit 2.0

Hello Friends, Families and Athletes!

We just finished up our Teen Fit class last week and we saw such success and passion that we would like to offer another session!

It would start June 6th, from 4:30-5:30pm on Tues/Thurs. This program is eight weeks, and is strongly recommended for individuals who would like to continue to grow in the gym and understand how gym movements can complement their outdoor activities.

Topics that will be covered in the program will be the posterior chain and mobility work, showing kids how to balance restorative work, strength work and endurance work into their sports and lives.

Thank you for investing in Wright Training, the health of your kids and your time. This program couldn’t run without incredible parents.

Have a wonderful summer!


$280 - 16 sessions

payment plan available: $140, 30 days later $140

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Workout of the Week

WOW W/ Coach Richard



Goblet squat


Push up

Alt body weight lunges

Strength 6rds

4 deadlifts -heavy but slow and controlled  

 focused on form adding weight as you go

6 knees to chest or toes to bar

Pigeon stretch floor or box

15 min amrap

10 Swings

8 Calories

5 Pull ups

10 Wall balls

Tabata 4rds

Up w/twist


Flutter kicks


Upward and down ward dog and foam roll

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WOW W/ Coach Devin | Low Back Pain

Suffering from low back pain or hold tightness in your low back? 

Gentle movement is usually the answer to relieving some of the tension. 

These are some of my favorite exercises to help strengthen your core and hip flexors and alleviate tightness or pain in the lumbar spine. Really focus on your breath during these exercises and moving slowly and intentionally. 

2-3 Rounds 

10x Banded Cat Cow

5eax Curl up crunches 5 second hold 

10eax Deadbug 

10eax Bird Dog 

10eax Banded Single leg marches 

These exercises are great to do daily. Try them as a warmup before a day of skiing or after sitting at your desk to loosen any tightness. 


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WOW W/ Coach Julianne | Workout for the pocket

Warm Up - 3 rounds

10 x  Push Ups

15 x Sit ups

20 x Squats (hips below knees)

 5 Rounds

10x KB/DB Sumo Squat

5/side x KB/DB Side Bends 

3x Chair Hang (Grasp pull up bar with OH grip, pull up legs so quads are parallel to floor/legs in 90 degree angle; slightly tip pelvis up towards ribs; breath in deeply and exhale slowly through nose 3x's)

Standing Lateral Line QL Stretch  (while standing, place right foot behind left side of body past left leg; stretch right arm over head to left side of body -arching right side out; Take 3 breaths, then switch sides) 

AMRAP (as many reps as possible)

10 x DB thrusters (explosive)

10 x jump squat

20 x mountain climber (10 each leg)

20 x jump lunge (10 each leg)

10 x V sit ups

10 x burpee

(complete 4, 5 min sets (1 min rest between), start each circuit where you finished the last one.)

4 Rounds 

- 30 Sec Side Plank (L side)

- 5 x push ups

- 30 sec Side Plank (R side)

(transition into each exercise without rest and without lowering your body to the ground)

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