WOW with Coach Sydney Foam Rolling

Foam Rolling

Foam rolling is beneficial and safe for most people and for those who exercise daily, it is a great idea. It is something that is sometimes overlooked at the end of a workout when we are rushing to leave class and get onto the next thing, but I can’t stress its importance enough! You have a tight area? Give that facia some love and roll it back out.

Foam rolling releases muscle tension and knots, relieves inflammation and boosts circulation and lymphatic flow. It improves ones’ overall comfort and increases range of motion, mobility, and flexibility. It is a simple self massage tool, improves posture and reduces the chance of injury, while speeding up recovery.

So many great reasons to foam roll! Whether you are at the gym or at home watching TV – take a few moments to foam roll- your body will thank you for it. This doesn’t have to be over thought, just put it where you feel you need it and start rolling.

Foam Rolling inner thigh while stretching out hip joint

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