WOW W/ Coach Crystal Wright | Work Capacity HIIT

This workout is a great example of a work capacity hit. A lot of our athletes think that they should not be doing cardio if they are skiing a lot etc... They think we don’t usually work at this high of intensity on our skis, bikes, running etc.. We usually just go slow and steady.

With that said good aerobic hits to the system are important to optimizing your fitness level. This workout can also be done with limited equipment or you just want a good quick hit. The 30 second intervals encompass strength and core together, this is important to train in relation to performance outside. This helps get everything firing on all cylinders. Why not use your core to ski? Also we are working on quick recovery. We then end with a countdown to work on stamina and core/glute strength. This is meant to be more of a grind. Constant movement. This ends with some core durability, your body should feel pretty balanced after this workout!

4 rounds

10x walk lunges

10x goblet squat

10x up with twist

5 rounds

30 sec dumbell drag "set shoulders"

30 sec swings

30 sec good morning

30 sec burpees

30 sec rest

20 15 10 5

jingle jangles

high knees

band walk


russian twist

3 rounds

10x plank touch

10x knees to chest

10x situps

10x back ext

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