WOW W/ Coach Julianne | Workout for the pocket

Warm Up - 3 rounds

10 x  Push Ups

15 x Sit ups

20 x Squats (hips below knees)

 5 Rounds

10x KB/DB Sumo Squat

5/side x KB/DB Side Bends 

3x Chair Hang (Grasp pull up bar with OH grip, pull up legs so quads are parallel to floor/legs in 90 degree angle; slightly tip pelvis up towards ribs; breath in deeply and exhale slowly through nose 3x's)

Standing Lateral Line QL Stretch  (while standing, place right foot behind left side of body past left leg; stretch right arm over head to left side of body -arching right side out; Take 3 breaths, then switch sides) 

AMRAP (as many reps as possible)

10 x DB thrusters (explosive)

10 x jump squat

20 x mountain climber (10 each leg)

20 x jump lunge (10 each leg)

10 x V sit ups

10 x burpee

(complete 4, 5 min sets (1 min rest between), start each circuit where you finished the last one.)

4 Rounds 

- 30 Sec Side Plank (L side)

- 5 x push ups

- 30 sec Side Plank (R side)

(transition into each exercise without rest and without lowering your body to the ground)

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