The Sled Push

The Sled Push/ Pull is an incredible exercise overlooked for its benefits sometimes. There have been studies utilizing this exercise with interval training that improved squat strength, and explosive speed times. A low impact movement that increases leg strength, and power in the complete lower body. Not all strength moves utilize the quad, glute, hamstring, and calf muscles all together.

Four ways you can do the Sled Push

  1. Straight arms- most common gaining core engagement.
  2. Bent Arms – gaining an isometric strength benefit in the shoulders biceps and triceps
  3. Hooking it up so you can pull allowing for arm movement to encourage sprint capacity
  4. pulling backwards with arms- working in a plain we don’t often utilize, engaging back muscles.

To utilize all lower body muscles make sure you get up on your toes driving for speed and you also tap into that number one muscle the HEART. Doing a quick sled push interval at the end of a workout can be a great way to quickly tap more strength and power into your legs. If you want to train the heart and lungs more for work capacity go with a lighter weight.

Interval workout:

75% of your squat max weight on sled

6 rounds – that's only 6 minutes!

30 second sprint with sled push

20 second recovery

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