Hockey Training

By: Pete Wilson

The reason I picked this workout as the "workout of the week" is because the temperature drop has reminded me that hockey season is right around the corner! This workout is something I would program specifically for a hockey player.  

To start, the first effort is lower-body oriented, but still has elements of lateral explosive agility and durability.  The second effort is purely modeled around an athlete's stamina and ability to perform HARD work for a longer duration.  This translates on the ice to winning the race to the puck, while still having enough gas in the tank (energy in reserve) to make explosive, smart, and demanding plays when they count the most!  The third effort is core and upper body performed at an upbeat interval to keep the respiratory level high.  This mimics the upper body's rigor and intensity in contact.  Finally, the last effort is 100% isometric low back work.  This is imperative to a hockey player, as a lot of the game is played in an athletic position with two hands on your stick and blade on the ice.  This stance is hard to maintain safely without good lower back posture and stabilization. Performance at ones preferred winter sport is a matter of preparation and training.  Make sure you're training correctly and safely!  Have fun! Here it is:  

Do it!!!


  • -push-ups (full ROM)
  • -deep squat-pause-jump
  • -sit-ups
  • -instep stretch (after each round for about 10 seconds)

6 rounds:

  • 4x Craig's Special
  • 6x Touch-jump-touch Up/down Dog stretch

12 Minutes: AMRAP (as many rounds as possible)

  • 1x rope climb
  • 10x Spider-man push up
  • 10x KB rack squats
  • 10x ball slams
  • 10x (5ea) KB side lunge

4 rounds Tabata (:20 sec. Work, :10 sec. Rest)

  • -Weighted sit ups
  • -Russian twist
  • -plate floor press
  • -plate plank walk up

2 Rounds: Low Back Complex

  • :20/:20 standing founder
  • :20/:20 kneeling founder
  • :20/:20 low back lunge

Do this workout on your own, or come to Wright Training!  Trainers are happy to give pointers and encouragement.

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