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How exciting it is to build up your weight when training and hit that max squat or deadlift weight!  Then see yourself progress again!  Love those gains and who doesn't love having defined sexy muscles.  But many lifters neglect the accessory muscle groups, instead focusing more on the big 3 (quads, hamstrings, and glutes).  However, it's important to include accessory lifts into your routine to strengthen your weak points and avoid compensatory patterns.  

So today I want to focus on adductors!  


The adductors, located on your inner thighs, play a crucial role in your overall hip, knee, and back health.  This muscle group keeps the hips and knees balanced, brings your hips and pelvis toward a neutral position, and work to keep your trunk stabilized.  Weakness in adductor muscles can change your biomechanics, resulting in decreased athletic performance and increased risk of injury.  No one want's that, right?

One my favorite ways to strengthen the adductors is the Copenhagen Plank.  Keep in mind, there are a lot of variations you can use to either regress or progress this exercise depending on your strength level.  

  1. To Start --- grab a bench.  
  2. Get into a side plank position and place the top leg on the bench (either ankle or knee) with the bottom leg under the bench and on the floor.  
  3. Lift your upper arm straight up in the air so that your arms are in a straight line.  Your arm that is on the ground, lift to either your hand or elbow.  Make sure arms are in a straight line up and down (one up and one down).
  4. Push yourself up using your non-working arm and lift the hips until your body is in a straight line.  
  5. Keep the lower leg off the floor and engage your glutes and hold for time or 3-5 breaths.  
  6. Switch sides

You should feel your oblique engage further to maintain stability while maintaining adductor stability.  

*Try actively moving the lower leg up and down slowly, or add an active knee drive (knee to chest) movement to make it extra spicy!

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