Climbing Progression

WU 3 Rounds

  • 1/2 Frenchies
  • 10x Goblet squat + HB
  • 3x PVC Pass Thru

1. 5 Rounds

1:30 wall/shake

In 1:30 Complete 10x FDBE 20x heels to the sky, approx 30-sec rest between sets.

2. 15min AMRAP

10x WTD situps,20x Step Ups,30x Jump Rope,4x Mr Spec,4x Jingle Jangles

3. 5 Min Hangboard sequence

  • pull-upsps 10 pushups
  • 10sec bent arm h15-sec sec dead hang
  • 2 offset pull-ups x 2   10 pushups
  • 20 sec kn10-sec  10 sec deadhang
  • deadhang for time

4. 2 rounds

  • 25x each shoulder hand job @ 2.5#
  • 25x calve raise
  • lat + pec stretch

This is the first workout of 14 one-hour sessions that our climbing athletes have signed up for. The key to this programming is to not overwork the muscles and tendons that have been on standby thru the winter months. Most people in our town usually start planning or have planned a spring climbing trip after our ski resort closes in early April. During the next seven weeks, this twice-a-week program will increase the athletes' grip strength and endurance as well as develop core stability and overall strength to help them enjoy and prolong their climbing season.

The warmup is a classic full-body warmup. Frenchies are pull-ups on the hang board with 1-second lockoffs at different positions. See

We use a one to two second lock off instead of the article reference of 5 seconds which is recommended for top-performing climbers.

The first segment involves a total of 7:30 on the overhanging climbing wall. I encourage the shaking to minimize the pump as opposed to not shaking which is much harder. Follow this by immediately performing 10 face-down back extensions and 20 heels to the sky to activate the low back muscles and core.

The 15-minute AMRAP is strength and work-capacity-based. Weights on the  WTD sit-ups and Mr. Spectaculars should be moderate. Find a pace and stick with it.

The 5-minute hang board sequence is as stated. Complete each task given in the minute and rest the remaining time, then move on to the next. This will progress into a 10-minute sequence in the coming weeks. This is hard.

Finish with a shoulder durability exercise in the shoulder hand jobs and some calve raise for good measure because climbing isn't all about your arms.

Climb on.

Brian Mulvihill

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