Advanced Progressive Ski/Snowboard Fitness

This workout is Day 9 of an 16 session advanced  progressive ski/snowboard fitness series. These exercises are repeated over the 8 weeks to focus on eccentric, core, single leg and agility strength for skiing and snowboarding. Over the 8 weeks all the athletes improved in all areas, the biggest improvement I saw was the athletes non-dominant leg increased in strength in both the single leg box up drill and lateral single leg hops. The quadzilla complex is to increase eccentric strength which mimics downhill skiing/riding. We started this progression at 6 total reps and it ended with 14. This exercise makes the legs/glutes incredibly sore, for example when you hike downhill or run downhill for hours you would have the similar amount of soreness. The hurdles were something new I added this year to the advanced programming and this really helped the dynamic and quickness of the athletes. Everyone improved on these whether they were jumping over sandbags or the hurdles. We increased the size over time and people were moving much more athletically by the end of class. Lastly we worked on core strength through sit-up tests, front squats, and cleans.

Overall this program series is to get you ski area ready for those top to bottom runs and works wonders on your recovery!

Warm Up

200x step-ups/ladder


We tested this at the beginning of the sessions and at tested again at the end.

  • 30 sec single leg box up test both sides foot should not touch the ground (record numbers)
  • 30 sec lateralhop each leg (record numbers)

6 rounds Quadzilla

  • 10x alternating lunges
  • 10x alternating weighted lunges (15lb ladies, 25lb men)
  • 10x weighted jump lunges (only if you can maintain good alignment use weight)
  • 10x jump squats
photo 3

  • 6 x front hurdles
  • lateral each
  • z pattern.  

( can use sandbags or something smaller to jump over)

4 rounds

  • 30x flutter kicks
  • 10x up with a twist
  • 20x belly blasters
  • 20 sec/20 sec side plank

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