Ski Fit 2023!


The ground may be dry but the ski and snowboard season is just around the corner! Wright Training is prepared to get you strong and durable for the winter in an 8-week progression workshop. The progression incorporates vital exercises to get your body in shape to get up and down the mountain fast and leave you eager for more.

We offer Ski Light and Ski Wright. Ski light is for athletes that need to minimize jumping impact on joins. We will still be doing agility and muscle endurance work.

Ski Wright is our traditional ski fit program we have been running and adjusting for 15 years. We incorporate muscle strength with muscle endurance and agility work. The upper body will also be incorporated in these workouts. This program is good for everyone skier or not! Wright Training works with all injuries to adjust movement to your ability, our goals are to get you stronger and more balanced out for all life adventures.


$320 full course

$25 drop in, classes sell out.

$250 zoom

$150 on demand courses


Current members need to contact to get enrolled.

If you purchase a membership to sign up it is a minimum of 3 months! Great way to get some classes in before and after ski fit!

Open to the public purchase September 11th. Classes do sell out!

Monday, October 2, 2023