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What are you training for? I feel like this is a common question that I get asked from myself and my clients. I always answer, I am training for life.  What I really want to say is why not train? Since I have been a competitive skier for so long there has always been more of a set goal to train for such as an upcoming free skiing competition season. Now that I am moving into a different realm of skiing it does not mean that I still do not need to stay strong for my sport. Even though I am not training for any type of competition, I still want to be very strong for all my passions and sports I participate in. Training has become a way of life for me, consistent training helps with my past injuries and the chronic pain that comes with those injuries. I feel so much stronger when I am skiing, biking and climbing. Training also helps my mood and my stress levels. I personally love to strength train 4 days a week and then participate in my outdoor activities. I love training sport specifically for skiing, biking or climbing because then there is a goal in sight. For myself I am training for a better life and never see a reason not to train.

Some believe that there is no reason to train unless you have a goal and are working towards something. I feel that all of us can be working toward something whether it is to prevent injury, increase performance, weight loss, increase overall strength or for stress reduction. Goals are important to have, but it does not mean you have to be training for a marathon or a competition. When a person is able to maintain base fitness, it is easier to decide a month prior to a possible event such as a road bike race or a 5k fun run. It is a lot harder on your body to be only running all summer and then decide that you want to participate in a bike race. If you have the basic strength then it makes it a lot easier to move into the sport specific training. This also will decrease your chances of injuring yourself. 

I work with a lot of people that decide they want to run a marathon, but have not trained in strength, sport specifically and I see them come in with injuries to their knees and backs. With Wright Training's programing model, a person does not have to waste a lot of time at the gym, the workouts are intense enough that you can see results with just two one hour training sessions a week. What is nice is the programming is individualized to meet your needs whether your goals are maintenance, training for a marathon, training for life or trying to improve your front squat.

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