Vertical Challenge | Jess Mcmillan

1) What made you participate in the challenge?

   a) Six months free gym membership! I started going to Wright Training consistently in April after taking a few years off from training. Getting back into the gym changed my life. After having a baby, I had a hard time losing weight and finding time for myself. The 6am class was perfect. I could get to the gym before my little guy woke up, I made friends, and I was feeling fit again. 

2) Have you ever tracked your vertical feet before?

   a) Yes. I skied all the major volcanos on the Pacific Northwest in known as the "Ring of Fire." Chris Davenport and myself skied 15 volcanos in 14 days, climbed 78,641 vertical feet and skied 142 miles. It was awesome! Here is a link about the trip:

3)What was your favorite part of the challenge?

   a) My favorite part of the challenge was spending time in the mountains again. Over the last few years, I have not made time for myself. Between work and a toddler, there was always an excuse to skip my work out or bike ride or hike.  The challenge was the incentive I needed to get outside and into the mountains again, rain or shine! 

4) What did you eat during your long days? 

   a) My favorite trail snack is a Blueberry RX bar. I didn't really eat anything different from my normal diet: eggs, protein (chicken/elk) fruits and veggies. But I did eat a lot more of it😉

5) How did the gym transfer to your vertical?

   a) The gym helped with my recovery and made sure that I was using my muscles in their full range of motion. Hiking is very repetitive, so it would be easy to develop muscle imbalances, the gym helped with injury prevention and recovery. 

6) What’s your favorite gym exercise?

   a) I like it all. The only exercise I don't like are burpees. My hips are really tight, and I suck at burpees.

7) Anything else you want to add?

   a) The only thing I'd like to add is a huge thank you to all of the coaches at Wright Training, the Victor 6am class for always showing up, to Eric for the support, and to JHMR for encouraging their employees to get on the mountain!

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