Tai Mcbride | Wrestling

How old are you and what sports do you compete in? 

-  Tai Keilani McBride, Wrestling for 9 years

What was your injury and how did it happen?

-  Partial meniscus tear, hurt in practice the day before state record was 38-0

What were some of the biggest challenges you faced post surgery?

-  Biggest challenges: trying to stay in a good place mentally, meaning staying focused and
motivated. Staying patient, accepting injury, and continuously going to gym and working
out even when progress/recovery didn't seem near.

How long have you been training at Wright's?

-  Been working out at Wright Training for 6 years/ started when I was 10, I am 16 now

Do you feel like training helped you bounce back from your injury?

-  I truly believe that without training while injured, I would have either lost all motivation, or would still be injured. I am now competing at the end of October at a national tournament

What were some things, either in competition or everyday life that Wright Training helped you bounce back from or even improve in?

-  Wright training has helped me both mentally and physically. Mentally, Wright Training
has taught me how to work through mental blocks and how to truly persevere through tough times, whether it be school related, a rough day on the mat, internal conflicts etc. Physically, my strength has improved significantly, along with my endurance and stamina. Last, Wright training has taught me how to listen to my body and my brain, being able to differentiate between when I need to push through and when I need to rest. Overall weight training has made me both a better athlete and person as a whole.

What is your favorite exercise in the gym?

-  My favorite gym exercise would have to be the ski erg, back squats, or plate transfers!!

Who is your favorite trainer?

-  As for my favorite trainer, I could never just choose one. Altogether, I owe a significant
portion of my success to Crystal Wright for always encouraging me in and out of the gym. Crystal has taught me the importance of self love and how to smile through the pain. Brett, Julianne, and Lindsay have also played huge roles in the athlete I am today, their patience, encouragement, and positivity promote a wonderful environment in the gym.

Do you have any advice for someone who might be in the same position you were in that is being injured and having to come back from that?
-  As for advice, whether you are injured physically, or hurting mentally it is crucial that you acknowledge the pain and listen to what your body and brain need. Allow support from loved ones, and do what makes you feel good. Personally, as an athlete who had been injured, at the time the gym was the last place I wanted to be, but once I was there I felt so accomplished in knowing that I was bettering myself physically while releasing negative endorphins at the same time. So get up! Go breathe some fresh air, and give back to your body for getting you this far! WORKOUT AT WRIGHT TRAINING!!!!

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