Dolomites + Ladies+ Ski tour


Tell me about your trip?

It was awesome, beautiful and very challenging all at the same time. 

What did you do to prepare mentally and physically?

I’ve been working very hard at PT and Crystal’s gym for the last year to regain and rebuild neural pathways for strength, coordination, balance and mobility. My mental attitude has remained strong, much of that due to all the inspiration and encouragement from family and friends, some due to seeing progress as the result of the hard work, and the rest from pure determination to get back out there hiking, biking and skiing. 

Have you done something like this before? 

Not at all! Everything about the trip was new—off-piste with more exposure, being in the Dolomites with new ski buddies, skinning over passes and skiing down through valleys to other villages, lunch at quaint mountain huts, being on backcountry skis through unknown terrain everyday. I’ve only skied Tahoe, Alta and Jackson Hole, so just being in Europe in winter with my skis was a big adventure. 


How did the gym help you physically? mentally?

The gym definitely made me stronger both physically and mentally. My first days at SkiFit, my legs shook uncontrollably after just a few air squats and I stumbled through the agility ladder. We weren’t sure I’d be able to ski at all. But through consistency I got stronger, and seeing progress encouraged me mentally. Now I do weighted squats in addition to all the other reps in a session at the gym, I skied challenging conditions in Italy, and last week I box jumped the taller orange box for the first time. 

What was the highlight of the trip?

The one-year anniversary day when I crushed it skiing with everyone, we had an absolutely beautiful day and we celebrated at the hut. : )

What did you learn?

Wow. I guess I’ve learned the most just sitting down to answer these questions. First of all, our bodies are truly amazing. They want to heal; so we must give them what they need to do so—rest, nutrition, exercise, peacefulness. Secondly, people are so important. Just knowing people cared, believed in me and were cheering me on gave me tremendous confidence and inspiration. Hard work and consistency matter—even when I’d want to be better the only way to do so was to keep on keeping on, one foot in front of the other. One step at a time also matters—accepting where I was in the moment, what I could do to get better and reflecting on how far I’d come kept me feeling strong and inspired day after day. And finally, setting goals (and crushing them!). To walk 50 feet around the block, a mile, hike Sleeping Indian; to skip again; jump; run; to get on my bike, clip in and out of the pedals, ride 10 miles, climb the Pass; to ski Teewinot lift, AV, Thunder, hike Headwall, and ultimately—backcountry tour the Dolomites with Crystal and an amazing group of beautiful badass women. So what did I learn in the Dolomites? That it can still be hard, and uncomfortable being around others when I can’t yet do what I want to be able to do. Maybe someday I’ll bump up against some physical or mental limitations I may not be able to overcome. But that’s ok. Those situations are challenging and serve as yet another opportunity to grow not only physically, but also mentally and emotionally. 


The trip was amazing…great fun with great friends💙…and a spectacular venue!!

I knew I’d be more challenged on the ups than the downs so I made extra time to do some skinning. I knew that being physically strong from the gym would help if my mental fortitude got challenged on the way up!🤪

I’ve done a lot of the pieces, but this time we got to put it all together!

I think the lunches were a highlight…and the Aperol Spritzes!! …the combo guiding from Crystal and Albi…and cabs waiting behind woodpiles!!

I learned to take advantage of the opportunity to go on these adventures…don’t let them get away!💙…and if you’re fit the challenge stands on its own!!


Tell you about the trip:

I signed on to the trip because I enjoy the adventure of skiing in new places.  I had never been in the Dolomites, but I have heard from anyone that has been there how stunning it is.  I was not disappointed! 

What did I do:

Nothing that I don't normally do in winter, and our amazing season helped keep my motivation high.   I  did Crystal's 3 day camp early season which was helpful to develop better habits and ski technique at the beginning of the ski season. 

Have I done something like this before?

I've never done as much lift-assisted touring - enduro skiing!  

How did the gym help you physically? mentally?

The gym has been helping me for over 10 years now.  I feel I owe a lot of my strength to training at the gym.  Feeling strong gives me a lot of confidence, so that spills over into my state of mind. 

What was the highlight of the trip?

Gorgeous views around every corner and every single tour we did.  Oh, and the apres-ski bar in our sparkles of course!

What did you learn?

I learned I can handle more snow conditions than I thought I could on my touring skis.   I was much more confident of my ability to adapt and adjust to some challenging (for me) conditions.

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