50+ and the pace setter | Scott Brooks | Kyrgyzstan ski trip

1. Where exactly did you go on this ski trip? We skied the Tian Shan mountains of Kyrgyzstan from a yurt camp

2. What made you decide to go here?

Every year a group of friends goes on an adventure ski trip. We were initially looking at Svalbard or the Lyngen Alps when we tripped across this trip, which seemed quite unique. In our group chat, the sales pitch for this option was "Kyrgyzstan? Is that where Borat is from?" For the record, neither Borat nor his son, Huey Lewis, are from Kyrgyzstan. They are from Kazakhstan. 

3. What did you do mentally and physically to prepare for this trip?

I just doubled down on fitness to the extent my schedule could permit. Mentally I just looked at the outfitter's IG feed when things sucked at work to stay focused.

4. How many days a year do you ski on average? 

Probably 20-25 max. Life doesn't always cooperate 

5. How has the gym helped with your overall fitness for something like this?

I am on the wrong side of 50, unfortunately, but the gym helps me stay fit and active. This particular ski group is composed of really fit guys in their late 30s. I ended up seeking out the gym in 2020 for activity-specific fitness so I am always keeping up. It definitely helped.  On this trip, I was the pacesetter on the upslope, felt really strong and dialed in, and was strong on the way down. 


6. How was your recovery day to day?

6) Other than some altitude issues on the climb to our camp on day 1, I felt great every day without any soreness or fatigue.  

7. Anything else to add ? 

7) Old guys rule

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