Sharif Zawaideh

Sharif Zawaideh, born to Jordanian parents and raised with a deep connection to his heritage, has carved out a remarkable path in the world of winter sports. With a career spanning over 21 years as a ski instructor, Sharif is on a mission to become the first athlete to represent Jordan in the Winter Olympics, aiming to ski race for the 2026 games. His journey is defined by a relentless pursuit of excellence and a passion for pushing boundaries.

Sharif's athletic achievements span both snow and asphalt. He pioneered The International Spine in Valdez, AK, completed a solo ski descent of Washington's formidable Mt. Rainier, and holds the accolade of finishing a sub 3-hour marathon, showcasing his endurance and versatility across different disciplines. However, it's his mastery of snow blades that truly sets him apart. Affectionately known as the 'Brown Blader', Sharif has notched numerous firsts on snow blades, including groundbreaking descents of The Grand Teton and Jackson Hole's Central Couloir on Cody Peak to name a few.

Beyond his athletic pursuits, Sharif is deeply involved in the logistics industry, where he manages a successful company specializing in producing music festivals and disaster relief. When he's not immersed in business, he dedicates himself tirelessly to preparing for the Olympics, driven by a passion to represent his country and highlight diversity on the global stage of winter sports. With his blend of expertise, determination, and pioneering spirit, Sharif Zawaideh continues to inspire as he pushes the boundaries of what's possible in skiing and beyond.